All Men Want To Be Flower Girls




What does being our authentic selves mean?
Are we living the life we truly desire, or conforming to what society deems „Normal“?

While not every man may actually want to be a flower girl, in a wedding,

the title is symbolic of living a gentler life – a life of beauty and wonder, which flowers represent.
Being kind and gentle has nothing to do with
being weak or strong.

Written in a stream-of-consciousness style, the book encourages expanding our own consciousness,
about labels, values, hurt, anger
and taking precious time for ourselves.

Whatever your gender identity, there is much wisdom and support offered from

„All Men Want To Be Flower Girls“.

ISBN: 9789916410097
Ilmumisaasta: 2022
Kaas: pehmekaaneline
Maht: 110 lk
Formaat: 210x148mm


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