Fish of Estonia


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“Fish of Estonia”

Autor: Tiit Hunt

Fish are not as cold, mute, slippery, smelly, ugly, and glassy-eyed as they are often descrbed – fish can smell of cucumber of thyme; they can growl, vibrate, squeak and croak; a fish can be a real babe-face and even walk on the bottom of the sea.

Tiit Hunt brings these marvellous creatures to the stage for us in rich and exciting detail. In an easy to follow reference style format illustrated with photos the hidden features of our underwater models are brought to the spotlight.

The book describes close to 70 species of fish living in Estonian waters. In addition to Estonian and Latin names the fish have been referenced also in languages from around the Baltic Sea: Finnish, Swedish, German, Latvian, Lithuanian, Danish, Russian, Polis and English.

ISBN: 9789916412145
Ilmumisaasta: 2022
Kaas: pehmekaaneline
Maht: 192 lk
Formaat: 260x185mm



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